Whole Milk Cheese Eesti Juust 450g, sliced

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Traditional Estonian Cheese, we developed Jubilee Estonian Cheese, which is made from whole milk and has been matured for at least 3 months. The cheese is perfect for cheese lovers who want to bring variety to their everyday life and enjoy a stronger taste experience! A maximum of 43% moisture content, 50±2% of fat in dry matter, 1,2-2% of salt.

PASTURIZED MILK, starter culture, salt, animal rennet, calcium chloride, potassium nitrate.

Nutrient value per 100g
Energy 1607kJ / 384 kcal; fat 32 g, of which saturated fatty acids 21 g, carbohydrates 0 g, of which sugar 0 g, proteins 24 g, salt 1 g.

Traditional Estonian Cheese

OÜ Estover Piimatööstus Kaarlijärve Meierei

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