President Whipped Dairy Cream 250g

President whipped cream is widely known and appreciated. The whipped cream has an aromatic freshness. Président whipped cream has been developed as a result of more than 70 years of research and quality control. It is a reliable choice for quality baking.
It can be used as a topping on fruits and various desserts such as pies, cupcakes, ice cream, cakes, etc.


WHIPPED CREAM, sugar, emulsifiers E471, E472b, carrageenan, vanilla aroma

Nutrient value per 100g
Energy 987 kJ / 238 kcal; fats 20g, incl. saturated fatty acids 15 g; carbohydrates 12g, incl. sugars 12 g; proteins 2,5 g; salt 0,1 g


Lactalis Polska Sp. Z o.o.

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