Hiirte Processed Cheese with Grilled Chicken 185g

Processed cheese Hiirte Juust with grilled chicken is made from a mixture of different natural cheeses. Creamy and easily spreadable. The product is ideal for bread, pastry or crispbread spread. Suitable for making excellent puree soups and sauces.

CHEESE 42%, WATER, SKIMMED-MILK POWDER, BUTTER, roasted broiler breast fillet 4% (roasted broiler breast fillet, water, salt, stabilizer E450, acidity regulator E451, E262, glucose, starch, antioxidant E316), emulsifying salts (E452, E339), flavoring agent (contains EGG).

Nutrient value per 100g
Energy 939kJ / 225 kcal; fat 15 g, of which saturated fatty acids 10 g; carbohydrates 9,0 g, of which sugar 9,0 g; protein 13 g; salt 1,5 g

Hiirte Juust

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Mice melted cheese with smoked ham has a pleasantly mild, smoky taste. Creamy in consistency and slightly spreadable. Medium saltiness, full-bodied and mouth-melting. In the taste of the cheese, you can easily feel the pleasant taste of smoked meat and you can see pieces of smoked meat on the surface. It is perfect for making smoked cheese soup and sauces. Ideal for spreading on bread, pastry or crispbread.